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Update: Microsoft Releases Compatibility Patch for Windows Update

Posted on Mon, Jan 05, 2015

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This is an important update for all ERA EMS users: Microsoft has corrected a known bug in its latest security update. Below are instructions on how to download the patch.

Microsoft released an update with known issues, causing an interruption in some services. Today Microsoft has released an automatic patch to correct this issue. ERA is pleased to report that the patch resolves all compatibility issues with the EMS.

If you have uninstalled Update KB3008923 on your device, first reinstall the update and then restart your device. 

If your device already has Update KB3008923 installed, checking for new Windows updates will find a download for the new patch. Once the patch is downloaded and applied, your ERA EMS will resume full functionality.

ERA appreciates your patience while Microsoft corrected its error. We are committed to providing the most reliable and accurate EH&S software for your business.

If you require assistance with this process please contact your ERA Technical Support Expert at 1-866-493-6409 or by email at tech_support@era-ehs.com.


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