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Sign Up For Tier II and New ERA-EMS Dashboard Training

Posted on Wed, Jan 28, 2015

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Tier II training refresher courses from ERAWith the March 1 deadline for Tier II reporting approaching, ERA is offering free 1-hour refresher courses for Tier II reporting and submission. These courses will begin Friday, January 30 to Wednesday, February 11. Register today to secure your preferred time.

These courses will take place live, through an online meeting platform, and make sure you are prepared for Tier II reporting. You'll also get an introduction to the new and improved features of the ERA-EMS dashboard.

Our compliance expert will answer any questions or concerns you have about Tier II reporting and go through the process of generating your report as well as submitting it through either E-Plan or Tier II Submit online.

If you're not interested in getting a Tier II refresher course but want to learn more about the new dashboard, we're hosting a session just for you on February 10.

In these refresher courses you'll get:

  • A refresher on how to use your ERA-EMS to process your Tier II
  • Instructions on how to generate the RY 2014 forms in ERA
  • Instructions on how to submit via E-Plan or Tier II Submit
  • How to use the new flexible usage import templates
  • An introduction to the new and improved ERA-EMS dashboard

To register for your preferred date and time, sign up online here.

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