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ERA Environmental Management Solutions Partakes in Prominent G7 Summit in Washington DC

Posted on Wed, Jun 01, 2016

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ERA has been recognized as a leading provider of Environmental Management Solutions (EMS) at the G7 Summit. ERA’s solutions were highly commended as key initiatives supporting the circular economy.

Montreal, May 25. ERA Environmental Management Solutions was personally invited by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to participate in the recently held G7 Alliance on Resources Efficiency Summit hosted by the United States in Washington, DC on March 22nd-23rd. The G7 is a collaborative consortium represented by the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and Japan.

This workshop on the Use of Life Cycle Concepts in Supply Chain Management to Achieve Resource Efficiency served as a forum for participants from across the globe to explore how to use life cycle concepts to advance resource efficiency and focus on significant upstream impacts in supply chains, specifically those of the auto sector. This sector is a global economic driver with supply chains spanning across the world. Additionally, automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are innovatively using life cycle concepts to identify and address significant impacts and resource use.

“We are very honored to have been personally invited by the EPA to the attend the summit”, said Gary Vegh, Co-founder and President of ERA Environmental Management Solutions. “It is a testament of the stellar reputation we have garnered as a provider of environmental management solutions over the past 20 years serving companies with operations in Japan, Germany, France, Italy, UK, US, Canada, and Mexico.

ERA has gained an enviable status as a technology company that is synthesizing an environmental mission with business growth – developing disruptive EH&S Solutions that are creating the new age of sustainable business. ERA offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of software, content and technology for end-to-end management of sustainability performance. It provides multi-tenant SaaS solutions for Environmental and Health & Safety Management. ERA solutions are used by enterprises to drive both compliance and reporting excellence as well as intelligence-based business performance; characterized by a ‘perfectly designed’ intuitive interface which is easy to use and to configure, resulting in accelerated user adoption & employee productivity.

The G7 Summit provided us with the ideal audience to share our environmental expertise and promote our vision of shared value across the entire supply chain accentuating how both our environmental and health & safety solutions drive the circular economy through re-manufacturing and zero-landfill initiatives”, proclaimed Sarah Sajedi Founder and CEO of ERA. “Moreover, our vision was applauded by none other than Gina McCarthy the US Government appointed Administrator of the EPA”; Sarah Sajedi continued to say, “A combination of domain experience, a deep partner network, ease of use seamless inter-operability with client enterprise applications have helped ERA become a leader in the EHS and sustainability space. In addition, our continued investment in new product features and functionality, as well as enabling users achieve a sustainable ROI, have been the cornerstone of ERA’s success.

About ERA Environmental Management Solutions - Creating the New Age of Sustainable Business

The pressure of sustainable business compliance is the most powerful agent of corporate accountability. ERA is a new breed of EHS solutions provider empowering enterprises to connect compliance and sustainability into your core business strategy allowing you to achieve EHS excellence and become more agile, cost efficient, predictive and profitable in the emerging circular economy.

We are environmental, regulatory, and compliance experts with over 20 years of experience in providing the right solution at the right time at the right price. Unlike most of the competition, ERA offers a true powerhouse data-driven, cloud managed, SaaS-based multi-tenant system design. Our solution goes beyond the boundaries of traditional enterprise-wide EHS and provides in-depth business intelligence synthesis, reporting and analytics, fully empowering you outmaneuver and outdistance your competition.

ERA provides consultancy and project management expertise through assigning your enterprise a team of dedicated Environmental Scientists and Toxicologists. Our ultimate mission is to implement economies of scale across your enterprise while achieving repeatable profits relative to strengthen your industry leadership, safeguard jobs, and boost environmental performance.


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