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ERA to Begin Working in SP Materials Issue Group

Posted on Tue, Jul 10, 2012

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Suppliers Partnership for the Environment

In mid-July, ERA will officially begin working as part of the Materials Issues Group for the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment. 

ERA joined the Suppliers Partnership earlier this year, adding its environmental compliance expertise to the SP's diverse range of environmental & manufacturing specializations. We plan on bringing our unbeatable knowledge in environmental data management to the Supplier's Partnership.

As part of the Materials Issues Group, ERA will assist in two main projects:

  • Developing standardized criteria for sustainability reporting and sustainability projects in the manufacturing industry.
  • Developing standardized criteria for managing materials and final products throughout the entire product life cycle.
By working on these two projects, ERA will be helping to lead the way in the automotive industry and beyond for developing a universal system for benchmarking sustainability and greatly reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes.

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