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Tristar Terminals Guam Signs on With ERA Environmental For Tanks Software

Posted on Mon, Jan 12, 2015

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ERA proudly announces that Tristar has chosen to implement our Tanks software to automate and streamline the management of emissions from their storage tanks at the Tristar Terminals Guam facility. Tristar's Guam facility has a 4 million barrel storage capacity for petroleum and liquid chemicals.

Tristar is a major international business specializing in handling, distributing, transporting, and otherwise managing petroleum and chemicals.Tristar has a stellar commitment to environmental and safety compliance, and has made itself a leader in the field by using the latest in EHS technology. 

ERA Environmental will be providing our advanced Tanks software, full implementation services, and Oil & Gas expert advice to Tristar's team of EHS professionals. ERA's Tanks software offers the most accurate tank emission reports, making it the natural choice for any Oil & Gas business, and it will automate Tristar's compliance reporting. 

ERA is excited to be working with Tristar and to be part of their commitment to sustainable success.

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