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User Reminder: GHG Reporting for Washington Due November 2

Posted on Fri, Oct 09, 2015

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This is a short reminder to all of our Washington state users that Washington GHG reporting deadline for the 2014 period are due to Ecology by November 2, 2015. 

It is also worth noting that the reporting fee has not changed from 2014. Transportation Fuel Suppliers will again pay $1,444 while other facilities will pay $1,147.

If you are a facility required to report Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) to the EPA, you should have done so already. However, the following source types that emit > 10,00 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in Washington must report to Ecology:

  • Transportation fuel suppliers
  • Facilities that only report GHGS to Washington and not to the EPA.

Here's how to Report

For Fuel Transporters:

1. Use the Transportation Fuel Supplier Calculation Tool to calculate your emissions. (https://ecology.wa.gov/Air-Climate/Climate-change/Tracking-reducing-carbon-pollution/Facility-greenhouse-gas-reports/Transportation-fuel-supplier-reports

2. Complete, sign, and mail you Transportation Fuel Supplier Report Signature and Submittal Form. Transportation Fuel Supplier Report Signature and Submittal Form please note this is a download.

For other Facilities:

1. Enter your data into the EPA's Electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting tool (e-GGRT).

2. Download your data file from e-GGRT. 

3. Download your EPA IVT file (if applicable) from e-GGRT. Note that you may not have an IVT file.

4. Upload your IVT file (if you had one) using your Secure Access Washington (SAW) account. Ensure that all files are uploaded and write down your GHG Report Submittal ID#. 

5. Complete, sign, and mail your Facility Report Signature and Submittal Form.

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