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ERA-EMS Improvements: Regular Reports UI and Report Groups

Posted on Wed, Sep 28, 2016

Today, ERA Environmental is pleased to announce the delivery of two substantial functionality updates to the ERA-EHS system.

These are changes to the User Interface (UI) of the software, which will ultimately allow for considerable improvements in both running and compiling reports as required. The improvements consist of improved functionality across two sections of the ERA-EHS system:

  • Regular Reports UI
  • Report Groups

A series of informative webinars will run from early October 2016, giving a detailed break-down on how to utilize these new additions to the ERA-EHS system, as well as providing a Q&A for any user questions. Please register for one webinar session here

Regular Reports UI

The new Regular Reports UI will now feature:

  • The ability for clients to queue reports for sequential processing (see screenshot below).
  • The option to search, filter and sort reports via any field.
  • The ability to open several reports simultaneously, delivered via handy .zip file.
  • Improved compatibility across major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.


This improvement to the ERA-EHS UI represents a considerable leap forward. Previously, the ERA-EHS software provided one report at a time. With this improvement, more systematic, organized reporting is now more easily available to users of the ERA-EHS system, sequentially running as many reports as you need.

Additionally, this improvement delivers the ability to filter reports by facility, by utilizing the report code field to drill down through your reports.

Functionality is also improved by providing, via a comprehensive .zip file, the contents of multiple reports, expanding your ability to quickly access and utilize the information that you need.

Report Groups

This is a highly useful feature which allows users of the ERA-EHS system to group and run any number of reports (see new heading below). This service allows users of the ERA Environmental module to more easily manage and direct the reporting that they need. 

Report groups are a user-defined grouping of reports (regular and/or custom) that can be predefined and then generated together.

All the reports associated with the report group will run when the report group is generated.

This is ideal for clients who run the same reports at a specific frequency (daily, weekly, monthly). Rather than select and queue up multiple reports, you can now define a group and have the system generate all of those reports for you. 


Users of the ERA Compliance module are additionally able to automatically schedule the reporting that they need at any given time or date.

We are very excited to share these developments with you, and hope it will help streamline your reporting experience. Please register for one of our webinars for more information, and stay tuned for announcements and instructions post in the ERA system via the announcements icon. 


To register for this webinar, please fill out the form with your details and select the session that best suits you here

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