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SDS Viewer Upgrade: June 1, 2014 Improved Interface Rollout

Posted on Thu, May 29, 2014

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This upcoming June 1, 2014, ERA Environmental Management Solutions will be rolling out a brand new user interface for the SDS/MSDS Viewer Module, replacing the MSDS Viewer with the improved SDS Viewer. This new interface is more intuitive and streamlined, providing better ease of use to match the improvements in back-end programming ERA has rolled out to enhance the ERA-EMS platform.

Many users already have begun using the new SDS Viewer interface, but as of June 1 the old MSDS Viewer interface will no longer be available.

Importantly, the new SDS Viewer user interface introduces new and improved features that will make using the Module simpler and more convenient:

  • The new interface is now compatible with any web browser, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. It is also now compatible with both Mac and Window computers.
  • The new interface offers improved data filtering options that enable you to display only the information you want to see. That means you can display as much or as little data as you need for ease of use, and change your display as you need.
  • Faster searches for SDSs and Labels. Better search options and a more streamlined interface make finding what you need easier than ever.
  • You can now generate container Labels from the SDS Viewer for material already tracked by the Module.
  • The ability to generate Tier I and Tier II reports from the SDS Viewer for faster analysis of your regulatory compliance standing and needs.
  • The new user interface is mobile-compatible, allowing you to view SDS and container Labels from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Archives old MSDSs so they can be viewed and used for regulatory reports, as applicable.






ERA has also developed a cutting-edge SDS and Label Authoring Software that can automate the creation of GHS-compliant SDSs and Labels. Our SDS Authoring Software provides faster, more reliable, and more accurate hazard communication documents all while reducing your workload. To learn more about our new SDS Authoring Software, click here or contact ERA.

The new SDS Viewer interface is replacing the ERA-EMS MSDS Viewer as of June 1, 2014. If you have any questions about this upgrade or require assistance using the new interface please contact your ERA specialist or email us at info@era-ehs.com.

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