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ERA Improving Materials Efficiency with the Suppliers Partnership

Posted on Wed, Jan 30, 2013

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ERA Environmental: Suppliers Partnership for the Environment

ERA Environmental Management Solutions will be participating in the upcoming Suppliers Partnership for the Environment Southern Supply Chain Forum: Improving Materials Efficiency

The forum is taking place on Feb. 19, in Spring Hill, TN. The event is being hosted by General Motors' Senior Environmental Engineer, Patrick Van Ryckeghem. The day concludes with a tour of GM's Spring Hill Manufacturing LGE Engine Plant.

February's SP meeting will focus on how materials efficiency can help manufacturers reach their landfill-free goals, as well as improve their waste reduction practices and operational efficiency.

The Goal of the SP Materials Efficiency meetings is to develop and deploy environmental technologies and programs to reduce environmental impacts, gain financial value, and promote environmental sustainability. Accomplishing this goal entails identifying ways to provide value within the automotive supply chain and working together to reduce waste, promote reuse, and maximize recycling.

ERA will be contributing to the round table discussions, as we are already working with many automotive OEMs and their supply chains to reduce hazardous waste generation and streamline waste reduction processes. We believe that by properly managing your supply chain, you can better control your environmental footprint and greatly improve your operations.

For more information on zero waste and landfill-free manufacturing, you can read a recent article from ERA here. To read more about supply chain management for sustainable manufacturing, click here.

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