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ERA Invited to the 2012 Nissan Innovation Conference

Posted on Fri, Jan 27, 2012

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Environmental compliance software to be showcased at Nissan conference

February will be an exciting month for ERA, as we continue our get noticed in the automotive industry. Our team has been invited to join the second annual 2012 Nissan Innovation Conference, taking place just days after we attend the 24th Annual Canada-U.S. Automotive Dinner co-hosted by APMA and OESA.

ERA will be there as the latest in quality improvement technology products is showcased, including ERA's environmental compliance software and management tools. The conference presents a chance for ERA to further connect with Nissan employees and environmental management specialists.

We're looking forward to attending and seeing all of the cutting edge technology that could very well set the new standard of quality for the automotive industry. If you're planning on attending the conference, be sure to come say hello.

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