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Moog Blasts Off with ERA's Environmental Management Software

Posted on Mon, Nov 07, 2011

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Moog EMS softwareOne of the world's leading innovators in the aerospace industry, Moog Inc., has demonstrated its commitment to excellence by implementing ERA's proven environmental management software (EMS) solution. 

Moog has once again demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship and responsibility through this decision.

After the passing of Moog's founder, Bill Moog, their current CEO and Chairman said of their company:

"Every day an extraordinary group of people come together to devote their time and energy to build the best product of its type built anywhere in the world...and to deliver that product to the most demanding customers in the world."

ERA Environmental perceives our situation to be the same, and looks forward to streamlining and optimizing Moog's environmental reporting capabilities and providing our top-notch ongoing customer service.

ERA commends Moog for its clear dedication to sustainable business and is pleased to be a part of the worldwide Moog team.

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