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Sustainability in the Automotive Industry

Posted by Carla Samuel

The Annex to the G7 Leaders’ June 8, 2015 Declaration noted that global raw material use rose during the 20th century at about twice the rate of population growth. This explosive increase in consumption has resulted in habitat destruction, biodiversity loss, overly stressed fisheries, and desertification. Industry leaders, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are working hard to tackle these issues with sustainability in creative ways—especially the automotive industry. Automotive manufacturers like Ford, GM, Honda, and Toyota are working to improve a host of environmental problems resulting from manufacturing through sustainability.

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Chemical Tracking in the Automotive Industry

Posted by Carla Samuel

It takes an estimated 10,000 chemicals to manufacture an automobile, many of which are left in the final product. Under REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) the automotive industry has a major challenge on its hands to communicate policies and regulations to a complex, global supply chain. Close to 3,000 suppliers work with vehicle manufacturers on products that may include more than 8,000 major components. The automotive supply chain typically has up to seven tiers, and direct suppliers to car manufacturers have up to 1,500 sub-suppliers spanning many continents. Therefore, when REACH regulations remove a chemical from these massive supply chains it can take a long time to implement. Advancements in the methods used to do chemical tracking through the supply chain are allowing the automobile industry to explore new opportunities and reduce negative environmental impacts. 

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Suppliers Partnership for the Environment 2nd Quarterly Meeting - Georgetown, KY.

Posted by Alex Chamberlain

ERA Environmental Management Solutions was delighted to attend the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment 2nd Quarterly Meeting on 27 April, which took place at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Kentucky. 

ERA has been a contributing members of the Suppliers Partnership (SP) for many years. The SP acts as an innovative industry group, set up to exchange the latest developments in sustainability and efficiency in the North American manufacturing sector. 

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