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EHS Professional Development & Networking: Not Just Small Talk

Posted by Anamaria Sporea

From workshops that focus on time efficiency to speeches given by prestigious experts, EH&S conferences represent a wide variety of different opportunities for professionals. Therefore, workers in the EH&S sector need to be discriminating when selecting which conferences to attend. 

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Revealed: The Top 5 Reasons Professionals Attend EH&S Conferences

Posted by Alex Chamberlain

When it comes to attending conferences, employees in EH&S roles need to be keenly strategic about which ones they attend.

Most companies only have a limited budget, in terms of funds and expendable time that they can use to send their key staff to conferences. Most of the time, EH&S role-holders are deeply embedded in their roles, and more often than cannot spare the time to attend a conference or industry event that doesn’t deliver on key requirements. The pressures of the role mean that there has to be a firm set of “takeaways” that can be identified.

Here at ERA, we’ve attended more than our fair share of EH&S industry events. Our environmental staff have both attended, and presented, at a dizzying number of events across North America and beyond.

So what is it that professionals in the EH&S sphere actually want from these events? What distinguishes the real substance from the surface level shine? Below, we’ve put together a range of perspectives from individuals who have spent plenty of time on the “front line”.

What experiences have stuck with you? Once you have successfully justified your attendance at the event, what do you really want to come away with? Please feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page reflecting your experiences.

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Elite EPA Policy Makers and Environmental Thought Leaders Take Centre Stage at EHS Ingenuity at Work Conference

Posted by Alex Chamberlain

ERA Environmental Management Solutions, the leading world-class provider of global environment, health and safety software solutions is celebrating its 20th business anniversary by hosting the EHS Ingenuity at Work Conference on May 2nd to May 4th in Charlotte, NC. The EH&S Compliance Ingenuity at Work Conference is the meeting place for Environmental Health & Safety professionals. This 3-day conference is all about bringing together the best minds and environmental leaders in the manufacturing industry to discuss best practices, proactively address emerging challenges, and discover new EH&S solutions.

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