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Francis Haley

Francis is a GHS Regulatory Specialist at ERA and he works as a Project Manager and Analyst.

Recent Posts

How to Read an SDS: Understanding your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Safe Handling

Posted by Francis Haley

What is Your SDS Telling You About the Product You Are Using?

When working with hazardous materials, it is important to be alert to the specific nature of the dangers that are posed by those materials. This also means it is important to identify and differentiate one hazardous material from another in order to effectively apply precautionary measures. Knowing how to read an SDS is a must for both managers, executives, their employees.

Health & Safety professionals know that the ability to understand and read a Safety Data Sheet (SD) is a fundamental skill for any workplace committed to employee safety.

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Everything You Need to Know About Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in an Emergency

Posted by Francis Haley

“How does your SDS help in an emergency?”

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